We at Mainline Bridges are very proud to announce our relocation to beautiful sunny Arizona. A lot of people have been rumoring a merge with another company. We want to set the record straight! Mainline Bridges has not and does not intend a merge with any other company.
We plan to continue to bring our customers hand welded, made in the USA, quality custom works that form their dreams into realities.
The reason for this relocation to Arizona from Pennsylvania was the weather. This may sound silly to some of you but 95% of the time Arizona has beautiful sunny skies. It is hot but only for a few short months. The rest of the year the weather is perfect. Not to mention it is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World! We love it here!
At Mainline Bridges we have been working very hard on setting up dealers all over the country. This will help us keep the cost of shipping down for all of you. We also will spend a few months of the year on the east coast to visit customers, install bridges and layouts and participate in train shows.



08/23/2012 15:03

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09/16/2014 03:04

I found that it was much easier to assess the mood state of the photos when I looked at them from each side, and not just straight on.

09/19/2014 12:13

Or so the creator of this test and pretty much every other man on the planet would like to believe.

09/27/2014 15:09

Although I did well (32/36 the first time), the main thing I noticed is how tiring it was to do this. I scored significantly worse the second time around (28/36). Thank you for an interesting exercise.

10/09/2014 14:11

I was one of those folks. I serendipitously became educated on how to separate my emotions from others, and clear or process mine in safe and productive ways. I wish that for all others.

11/14/2014 00:24

Did any of you who are criticizing the quiz actually read about the study? People's responses get better after they've read certain types of stuff. So the experimental manipulation influenced how well people can "read emotions" in others.

06/25/2015 02:14

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04/21/2017 20:19

Thank you for confirming the rumors. By the way, welcome to Arizona! It's a good decision that you are now here ready to serve more people! Your state in Pennsylvania was good already. Business was doing well. But in Arizona, Mainland Bridges can serve more! I am so happy with this news. More people are about to see the good service this company provides!

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