Custom Deck Girder with Pier


07/07/2012 02:53

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11/29/2016 23:20

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12/25/2016 04:25

Can you post more recent photos, please? I would like to take a look at them.

01/18/2017 01:34

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01/22/2017 03:28

Looks so natural! Very good photos from you of this! Realistic!

04/21/2017 20:51

I thought it was a real one! It's very realistic. By the way, thank you for posting the photos of this recent development in Deadwood Central. It looks like it is crafted with so much passion and hard work. I was totally amazed! Making this model isn't easy at all. It requires a lot of time in planning and the labor itself is draining. That's why I admire the people behind this project!

10/06/2017 03:10

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