This phase of the railroad we are renovating all of the building.
This will help breathe new life into the layout. We used all
different kinds of paints from spray paint to enamel to



09/04/2012 05:09

Its really nice. thanks for sharing pictures of these models.

10/07/2017 03:33

I am glad to hear that you were the one who got the project to do the Dynamite and Rio Verde Eastern Railway. This is a big account that's why I understand that you are making an extra effort to make this as one of the best railway in the town. I understand the pressure and it's a good thing. You are a hardworking and I know that this is going to be a success so you shouldn't worry too much! This is going to be a great project so let us all claim it!


Higher achievements in education have given man the ability to depend on the technology all in all for every little task ranging from education itself to home chores. However the significance of simpler ways of living will never vanish. Screen will never cause the paper to perish away.


The new project that you have started may bring some kind of change in the older projects and designs of railroads. We actually lack some skilled professionals who are capable enough to design projects like the one you are working on. We can only get such experts if we give high quality education to our students.


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