This is your opportunity to be a part of history. The Ashtabula
Engineering Tragedy still needs your support for its documentary. This is an
amazing story! Please click on the picture below to be re-directed to the
Ashtabula Engineering Tragedy website.



10/01/2012 16:38

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story and giving me the opportunity to be a part of this event!

10/10/2017 19:22

Since then, I've always been curious to know every little detail about The Ashtabula Engineering Tragedy. I am a Mass Communication student and this stuff keeps on pinching me from time to time. Now that I am given the chance to be part of a documentary that will be made for this, I got nothing but excitement! I am 100% offering myself to be part of this project. I am sure that there are stuff I will learn from this experience, and I cannot wait to see it happen! Good luck to me!


This picture s very old and it is company of steel. Steel is using in many things and it is important part of our life. Now the steel companies has much successful in all over the wold.


My grandma had a similar picture on the carpet in her bedroom. I used to look at it and think up stories before going to sleep.


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