Here is another custom project we have been working on. A customer had asked if we could build a fire place for him. It was a fun project to work on.



04/29/2017 08:19


04/30/2017 11:13

Custom is fire is need of many woks and especially for Bar B q food. Because it cooks on custom fie and it also very delicious food. But too much use of this food can make us sick.

05/16/2017 20:42

Your customized fireplace is perfect for winter. We are planning to have a fireplace in our home, but when I came across your post I became interested in placing the fireplace outdoors. I like the design because its modern and simple. This fireplace looks cozy and perfect for sleepovers. My kids will like your concept and design. Family gatherings will be more fun when we have an outdoor fireplace.


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