Here are some beautiful pictures of an in door layout. Who says G-scale has to be outside?


05/18/2015 23:56

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04/19/2017 00:06

The whole room is filled of G-Scales that is so awesome and I am someone who doesn't like this type of things, what more if the one who saw this is into G-Scale I bet he would never leave this room. I have only seen this at malls or events and I don't want to go near because I am afraid I might break them apart so I just maintain distance. The space available in the room should be maximized in order to get a better outcome of the model scale. This would change the mind of others who think that G-Scale is not for indoors they will realize how wrong they are. The G-Scale is well put up with one another, although I would suggest adding more people, houses, and trees so it will look like it is made for an exhibit.

11/02/2016 04:58

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12/04/2016 03:39

Wow, this room looks impressive! I want to visit your place so much!

12/10/2016 03:35

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01/27/2017 01:55

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09/26/2017 04:21

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10/04/2017 04:25

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