This O-scale outdoor railroad is stunning! We have build two custom bridges for Harry Benn.
The first bridge was constructed 2 years ago. It is the double track deck girder with custom paint and lettering. The North Shore Line. The second bridge is a fully detailed Curved Top Through Truss. We are so excited to be apart of this amazing project! Keep up the good work!



01/11/2017 23:05

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05/30/2017 12:45

great site


Display sized rail roads are perfect for little boys. My two sons Jared and Nick are always forcing me to buy them a rail road play set. I can't say no to them, but I am having a difficult time finding someone who can build it. I hope you guys will do the job for me. Looking at your custom model, I am positive that you guys will exceed my expectations for me two sons.


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