This 24' Double Track Deck Truss is headed to California. This is another first for us. The top girder piece comes off for easy track installation. Also each Deck Truss features a third rail down the center. This bridge was inspired by the B&M Hudson River Bridge. We can't waite to see this one installed!


    These are the latest pictures of the bridge abutments for the Ashtabula Railroad Bridge. They will be features in a documentary along with a recreation of the bridge, called The Engineering Tragedy.

    We started with a steel frame. Then we added sandstone tile to the steel frame. This gives the abutments an amazingly realistic look! These two when finished will weigh around 150lbs each! They are the heaviest abutments we have ever built and shipped.


    We are sending bridges to the White House! These bridges will be on display for the National Christmas Train Layout in Washington D.C. under the National Christmas Tree. We have built each bridge to be light weight and easy to add to any layout configuration.  The red 72in Suspension bridge weighs around 14lbs and the 96in Curve Top Through Truss weighs a combined 23lbs. The Through Truss is designed in two pieces. The pieces bolt together in the middle. This design makes for an easy set up and tear down. These bridges will be on display from December 1st-Janurary 4th. If anyone is interested in any of these designs please feel free to contact us and mention the Washington D.C. Bridges.


Here is a little update for Deadwood Central. Fall has fell upon the railroad. Mother Nature decided it was time to add some awesome contrasting colors to this already stunning layout! Thank you Dave. Your layout looks absolutely amazing!


    Over the summer Ken Silva bought a Deck Girder with Catwalk and Bridge Shoes from us on Ebay. He recently contacted us for a custom 16' diameter curved deck girder. He personally came to our home to pick it up and Damian put together two 5.5" piers while Ken waited. 
     Ken's layout is a great example of how simple it is to install a bridge with elevated blocks. The piers are designed to screw into the bridge. This makes everything hold fast and sturdy.
     We enjoyed meeting Ken and Shuggie (Ken's four legged buddy) and are very excited to share his hard work and creativity with everyone. Meeting customers, sharing ideas and photos is what we enjoy about this business the most! Thank you Ken Silva for sharing pictures of your railroad.